Women Empowerment

Walking the Path of Shakti

A big part of my vision is to bring a change and a new way for women in this era.
With the awakening of the Divine Feminine, awakens new ways of femininity. 
I had my own calling from the Divine Mother back in 2014 when I was in Cyprus,
a deep encounter that shook my whole being and my whole life,
ultimately & totally.
The following years I met the most intimate parts of myself, and this divine meeting took me to the leadership of my life,
embracing my female being anew.
Now I want to give this to other women.
To remind them of their own sanctity, of their true power and inner freedom.
My purpose and my heart's longing is to rise the Shakti fire in every woman, walking with them this path, towards their own identity. 
I do it with all my love.