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 Empowerment & Embodiment

Walking the Path of Shakti

My most strong longing since I remember myself, was to be free, free in my heart and my soul, free to be who I am, free to speak my voice, free to walk my own path.

This desire for inner freedom was my motivation and my intention, and actually the reason that I've consciously stepped to the spiritual path. I can wholeheartedly tell you, this was the best decision I've ever made. Actually, I was born like this. My spiritual experiences started when I was 4 years old and I was totally conscious of where I come from. 

Later in my life I've found out that happiness for me, was deeply related to freedom and soon I came to a point where I've realized that freedom to me, was the ability to walk integral into my light while I follow the path of my soul. I've made this my life task. I decided to live a life aligned with my soul purpose, a happy life, an abundant life, a life with no boundaries of expression & creation.

I found inner balance and harmony when I decided to put roots in both worlds.

Experiencing my being as a whole, both matter, and spirit, both flesh, and light.

And if I could describe my personal path I would wholeheartedly say that it was and still is a Sufi path, a series of deaths and resurrections, deep breaths of enlightenment dozes linking my terrestrial life with the spiritual world and my own light.


This way new LOVE is born in me.

My passion is to work with people, those who are longing to meet themselves again, those who are committed to themselves, those who dare to take the steps in this direction.

I am here, with all my love and my light.

A big part of my vision is to bring a change and a new way for women in this era.
The awakening of the Divine Feminine awakens new ways of femininity.
Our Knowledge returns back from heaven to serve people and the Earth.

My meeting with the Divine Mother

I had my first " Samadhi" with the Divine Mother on 2014 when I was in Cyprus,
a deep encounter that shook my whole being and my whole life, ultimately & totally. This meeting predefined my life events and my spiritual journey for the upcoming years.  
During those years, I dived into the dark soil of the stories of my soul, and I walked through all my incarnation paths, reclaiming my self back story after story.  I met the most intimate parts of myself, and this divine meeting took me to the leadership of my life, embracing my female being anew.
This intimate and mystic Journey is what I call " The Path of Shakti".
Now I give this to other women.
I want to give them a path that they can remember and reclaim who they really are.
To remind them of their own sanctity, of their true power and inner freedom.
My purpose and my heart's longing is to rise the Shakti fire in every woman, walking with them this path, towards their own identity. 
I do it with all my love.
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Alinea Tantra Academy

Image by Eugene Golovesov

The Mysteries of the Women of EPhesus

From the Source of Tantra,

3 days Initiation Path only for women.

An invitation to return back to the temple of the Sacred Feminine, meaning the origin of your light, to break the boundaries of your creation,

to release yourself from hidden karmic contracts and vows, and to go into co-creation with the Divine Mother. 

Image by Caroline Greyling

5 Initiations to the Path of Sacred Femininity

One Day, intense journey inside your own Self!, Because it is a blessing to be a woman,

join me on the path of the light of your own femininity,without pain, just by discovering again who you really are,

walk your own path, towards your identity.

5 Initiations to the Path of Sacred Femininity, pave the way for the Female Soul to return back to her Free dynamic.

After years of divining into my own Heavens, , I've managed to reach to my Origins and to bring down the Essence of the Feminine Knowledge, a mystic initiation path for women,

"The Mysteries of the Women of Ephesus". 

Experience the presence of your Soul and the Luminance of your Light,

exploring your own feminine power and your own sacredness

walking a deeply feminine initiative Path, infused with the Tantra Levels.

The world as we know it, for thousands of years, has constructed and imposed on women fake ideas about sacredness, purity and power. These ideas rooted when women started to withdraw from the Temples.

Through my trainings, I invite women to strip themself out, from any elaborated idea about Sacred Femininity and to return to the natural expression of themselves. 

More of my Tantric Heavens are about to return,

to facilitate the Awakening of the Divine feminine on Earth!

what people Say

Image by Julian Hanslmaier
I'll leave the surprises when you really experience her wonder energy. For me, the five initiation is like spring cleaning a house, which is my body in this case. In some initiations, you can feel some unneeded negative thoughts and energy are being removed and you are even given tools or techniques so that you know how to deal with energies of such in the future. Then in other Initiations, it is as if there's a breeze swishing down the aisle and into every corner of the body and aura to get everything back into order.


Work with Me

Let me be your guiding light,

connecting heaven and Earth,

making visible what is hidden,

heal what once cracked

I"ll welcome back the outcast light of your soul.

and I will remind you that you were never broken.


Onara, Macau

“Thank you so much Alinea, for being here to deliver this great gift from the divine to us. This is one of the most beautiful experience I ever have."

Kaylee Mir, Taiwan

"Thank you so much for your love, dear Alinea. Thank you for leading me to the new chapter of my life. From that day on, I’ve found that I laugh more than before."

Perilla, England

“Sacred Heart worked with great precision and soft power in resetting the connections in my system to their original setting, going over timelines. It feels like the reset button, yet without 'hit the reset' , but rather flowy and permeating, liquid like.”

Awakening the Shakti fires

Leading FEMININE-2.png
Alinea often travels abroad to give her work.
If you are interested to invite Alinea to your city/country,  to give a training or a seminar you can simply communicate with us via email.
Love & Blessings
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