My most strong longing since I remember myself, was to be free, free in my heart and my soul, free to be who I am, free to speak my voice, free to walk my own way. This desire for inner freedom was my motivation and my intention, and actually the reason that I've stepped to the spiritual path.

I tell you, this was the best decision I've ever made.

Happiness for me was deeply related to freedom and soon I came to a point where I realized that freedom for me, is the ability to walk integral into my light while I follow the path of my soul. I've made this my life task. I decided to live a life aligned with my soul purpose, a happy life, an abundant life, a life with no boundaries of expression & creation.

I found balance and harmony when I decided to put roots in both worlds.

Experiencing my being as a whole, both matter, and spirit, both flesh, and light.

And if I could describe my personal path I would wholeheartedly say that it was and still is a Sufi path, a series of deaths and resurrections, deep breaths of enlightenment dozes linking my terrestrial life with the spiritual world and my own light. This way new LOVE is born in me.

My passion is to work with people, those who are longing to meet themselves again, those who are committed to themselves, those who dare to take the steps in this direction.

I am here, with my love and my light.