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This is the Essene Initiation that you get from Alinea.

With this initiation, you become a member of the Essenes and the spiritual community of Jesus.
You will receive a water ritual and a mantra that you can use it as a daily practice and a tool to develop and anchor love, in thought and action, in your life through the Christ Light consciousness that will awaken and expand in your heart with the initiation and the following practice.

Be a channel of love.
Be a body of Love.

The Essene Initiation and the community is beyond any religious definition and dogma.

Consider  Jesus as an Avatar of Love who belongs to humanity and remove from your perception all the religious projections that have imposed on him and defined him.

This way you will be able to experience the purity of this Light in your Heart.

This initiation is part of the Essene tradition that Alinea brings to Earth as she is one of the first Essenes and representative of this Light on Earth.

Energy exchange: 220 euro

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