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One on One

Retreat for Women

Have you ever thought of offering a pilgrimage to yourself and your Female Soul?

Have you ever made a decision as an honor to yourself?

Bowing to your inner wisdom and the knowing of your soul?

Welcoming your light to shower  the way and pave your path?

I invite you in One on One retreat with me.

A sacred pilgrimage to your Soul

3 days of:

Remembering, Re - awakening, and Re - claiming.

I ask you to start with a prayer:

Surrender yourself to the Mother of all, the Divine Mother.

Ask for the blessings from the Feminine to the Feminine.

Receive the blessings and start this journey to yourself.

1st Day:

We start our retreat visiting the House of Mother Mary at the hills of Ephesus. A place so pure and dettached surrounded by green nature.

Soft Love and purity to start our journey to feminity.

Worshiping the Divine Feminine and asking for Blessings. 

We continue our day to Sirince.

A small helenistic village, that has maintain his traditional character and arhitecture. We will visit a traditional hamam, where we can treat our bodies. Detoxing and purifying in many levels.

Then we will enjoy the local turkish cuisine which is particulary amazying in Sirince.

Second Day:

Your receive the 5 Initiations to the Path of Feminity.

These initiations aim to bring back the female soul to her free dynamic.

They bring to your energy system new dimensions of light, and unlock your joy and your passion, re-awaken your one sacredness, establish harmony & balance with yourself and your community, and help you accept who you really are in your beautiful soul well placed in a female body. 

5 initiations that touch the tapestry of the core of your Feminity.

You free yourself from role - model old structures of Feminity, as we create a free space to express and live yourself anew.

Third Day:

This day we will spend most of the time around Selzuk.

First we visit the temple of Artemis, where the spirit of the Amazon women is.

Then we go to the main archeological site of Ephesus. We walk among the monuments  and learn the stories of the past from a specialized tour guide. 

Continuing our day we visit a traditional turkish restaurant. Have some time to integrate new information and the vibes we received. Enjoying and relaxing.

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