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Better Love?

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

B E T T E R L O V E is the one you have with yourself.

Many times women prefer to stay with the wrong men. Why? Althought they don't receive back the love they provide, neither the energy. Why? There are many answers to this questions. But many times what I see is that they think that will not have a better chance in love and they stay with what they already have. Well, a Better love is the one you have with yourself.

I can't tell you really if a man is good for you or not. Because only you know your own worth. What matters is how much you value yourself. Define your self worth, define your self love. what is good or not good for you depends on that. What worths to be in your life and what doesn't.

Any kind of relationship is an investment, what worths your energy and what doesn't, you know.

But I can tell you that you can have the most of it, embracing your power and who you really are. People who can't cope with that, for sure are not good for you, unless you want to be a decorative plant by a man, lowering your inner fire and have a conservative life, but thats fine too if that makes you happy.

But if you desire to be loved ultimately then choose a man who can actually sees and embrace who you are.

Fan your own flames, water yourself with your own light. Be the queen of your own kingdom and cherish yourself in all times.

Then by living your life and walking your path, will find you what you deserve and is good for you. You will meet that in the way, it will follow you.

Make your self a love magnet for all the good things to come.

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