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Do I recognize my Sanctity?

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

In a society that for centuries excludes priesthood from women, how we can recover from what rightfully belongs to us?

And what damage has occurred through the tragic polarity and the absolute male supremacy?

This era gives many gifts but also many illusions of freedom. We have physical freedom and more freedom than in other eras, yes. Much has been achieved but there are even more to be mastered.

Women nowdays are free to wear what they want, they go wherever they want, they have sexual freedom and have also the free choice, at least in Western countries, to choose their husband and the occupation they want to follow. They have their own money and they decide for themselves. All that, give a sense of freedom on the practical aspects of life and although now is profound for a woman to decide for herself, some decades ago, on the same topics there were many prohibitions and hardening from the family and society structures.

Thanks God, we've reached a level of freedom at least for the granted, but looking even deeper in the essential, we will observe many deep imbalances.

What about the glory of our pristehood?

Well, try to google it and then you will understand.

Many centuries ago women had a leadership role all over the world in the Oracle centers. They were performed the spiritual rituals and they were commonly recognized as mediavels of the divine light and wisdom.

Now for most of the women, this hardly exists, and not only that, but it considers something normal, so big is the distance with our own sancity.

And those who follow a different path and reawaken in their light, find many obstacles from the society, their family and the local religious authorities.

So if a woman choose to follow a different path in order to discover and converse with her soul, and that's make her heretic, then what?

Trully then, how we will find our own paths of salvation? If is heretical anything that comes contrary to the doctrine of the church, then we should deeply contemplate on this matter, if we truly follow the Truth of God or the doctrine of the church. If we cannot locate the difference between these two through glaring oppositions, then there is a big problem, and this problem is actually found within us. 

In a society that supports a situation that does not recognize the sanctity of women, it allows and it leaves open margins for this imbalance to express itself also in a lot of other subjects, that shout loudly behind closed doors...

As women we owe to make this question to ourselves:

Do I recognize my sanctity?

And why it is so important for women?

Sanctity does not have to do with religion, but with a wider intellectual situation. You experience it inside you and your heart confirms it. You recognize and honor yourself. It is your connection with the source of all, your womb that is in unity with the womb of mother Earth, your womb that is in unity with the Womb that gives birth to universes.

They have throught so much shame and impurity on us that we need to take this cloth out of us. One example is the blood of the period, it is still consider a state of impurity for women and in catholic and orthodox religion, many priests deny the right from woman to enter the church or commune with the Divine these days. Many women , like our mothers and our grandmothers grow up with this belief and they passed these stagnant ideas to their daughters.

How it is ever possible, the blood that flows in the womb of a woman

and gives birth to new life in the world, to make her impure?

Think deeply by yourselves on that.

Our mothers are the end of old era, because now there is a great awakening of the female shakti and brings a new energy in the world for women.

They brought intensively within them the seeds of restriction and hardening of their own female ancestors believing they did the best and sure they did.

Neverthless their contribution was enormous because no metamorphosis is feasible if does not exist the opposite light that through the oppositions and the conflict to awaken her.  They served their aim.

It is our own task to realize the backround of our female ancestors,to feel the strings between us and what wants to be healed. Only if we heal the past we can walk free in the future. Only if we free ourselves we can honor them as they deserve.

Don’t believe this is an issue that doesn’t concern you, because perhaps you don’t deal with the spiritual or because you don’t go to the church. This is something that concerns all women.

We are the daughters of our mothers, and as long as we choose not to deal intensively with our inner world and our traumas, we will carry within us the seeds of the society and the family that nurtured us. One way or the other we will come confronted with the big issues of our society and the imbalances between the female and male dynamics , because now it is an era that Mother Earth is searching  to bring the correct balances and it is not something that we can stop from happening. We will follow the metamorphosis and we will profit from the occasion and the support that is provided now in order to find once again our place in the world and our inner unity , or we’ll  accept the consequences that follows our resistances.

How we can get back to our Sancity?

Embracing our feminity and our power

And this is an inner situation, a fierce river flowing from the inside. It is the roots of your deep and long past, your sacred footprints through eons and countless incarnations.

For a woman to recover her sanctity is not a simple situation, and we cannot think flippant on this.

To find your sanctity, it means you find once again your knowledge and your power.

You have to dive within and meet yourself also in the shadows, embracing all the aspects of who you really are. It may be a long journey but the road will take you back to yourself. Think that every step back is a love kiss that you own to yourself.

And one day will come that you’ will be born once again inside the freedom that knowledge gives you.

This is not something you wear, but something that it dresses you by itself.

And it holds a light that similar to it doesn't exist.

Dare to walk to this direction. Because this light is the light of you Soul. There are many pieces that waiting to return back to you. There are many pieces that waiting to awaken and bloom with you. Your bowels are waiting ti you anew

With love Alinea

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