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Feminity in our days

Women today in a fair way they run a marathon to dethrone all these titles that are related to the supposed weaknesses of femininity. They became themselves new age feminists, but many times they throw themselves in a ugly trap, because a woman can't really be a feminist if she is rejecting her own feminity. These women In their try to fight masculinity and patriarchy, they become many times the same thing they are fighting. This is the trap. And this is not the way a woman to take her power back and definitely in this way she is not in her power really.

All those things that consider weaknesses of the feminine for the powerful or modern women, are these qualities really that make the essence of a woman irresistable, the devotion, the receptivity, the ability to embrace, to nourish, the vulnerability, the sensitivity, the gift to be a mediavel between the worlds, these are qualities that they should be proud of , and deepen to the capacities of these elements of the female soul. My women these are not weaknesses , these are the lotus flowers in our garden. This is the beauty of the female being , our very nature, the blossoming gradle of creation. You can be fierce and powerful but not by rejecting your own nature.

For many centures men was rulling the game, they had the money and their women's money, they had total control, it was their game so the inposed their own rules and their own definitions about what is acceptable, what is permissible, what is beauty, what is sexy.

Women now if you all look closer you will see that they are still playing this game, they try to prove themselves even when they think they don't. This is another trap. The difference now is that women own their money and have a carrer, so this gives women a feeling of power, but we are not free inside us, after so many centures of condition, so we still play men's game unconsiously and naively we fall in the same trap. And what is this trap? Is a circle of repetitiousness where we recycle our traumas and our fears, because we denied our real power for a long time. And this is our feminity in all her majesty.

The unlitmate empowerment of a woman is to embrace hermetically her feminity.

And what this means? Is to be aware and feel blessed for all the unique elements of her female nature and find joy and pleasure in her being creating an intimate relationship with herself and the mysteries of her circle. To open again herself to mother nature and connect with her in body and spirit and remeber her spirit at the same time and that priesthood is her heritage not only in heaven but in Earth too.

You can still be modern, you can do it your own way, your way, but you have to remember who you are and stop playing this game.

Remember & be free.



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