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Re -programming the female mind

The female mind has been trained very well and for a such long time to worry for things that are not necessary. It wants to get busy worrying, especially when it comes to men. Why?

Because for centuries women experienced a limitation of their power and their light. They used to build their lives around a man because this was the demand of the society and the family. So they used to live depended and adhering to their husbands. Their whole identity was related to this and even today this is a criterion, and that's why many women try to find their self worth finding a husband with a deep pocket or with a competitive social status that will add to their self image. That's why many women stay in unfulfilled and drained relationships in marriages. That's why they can't cultivate and not even own their joy and their excitement, because they used to bond it with the love of a man, and with this way they froze their passion.

This is such a bad recipe for happiness because its basic ingredient is the denial of power, an emotional self imprisonment. This is what I call wrong programming. And as it is a program we can upgrade the system anytime. When you will do that?

When your self love overcomes your fear of owning again your power. When the soul is ready she becomes an architect of opportunities and ways that you can walk back to your self. And live love, live love thousands times yes, but being free in love.

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