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The price of lies

Artwork Ingrid Knecht

These days my dreams talk to me vividly, i see earthquakes made of my love run through my female heritage lines, my lilith is alive we look each other straight to the eyes, my fire is burning, and my heart tells me stories about me and the women:

Are there any pains in your body that nobody can treat? This is the price of falsehood. What happens to our bodies when we are raised or live in environments of lies, untruth, and compromised morality?

Our instinct dies.

We loose the enchantment with our bodies and things grow wild beyond our will unnoticed. These stories are not left behind they continue to be lived in our subconscious mind, and later in our life we find ourselves to be the audience in a muppet show which is actually our own play.

Subconscious is a bitch.

Whatever you pushed away from your reality, you silenced, you shallowed, it will create an inner reality that will shape your dreams again and again. Whenever women around us close their eyes to unacceptable things, they subconsciously create a network of falsehood, anger and betrayal. It grows like the silk net of a spider and it affects all of us. Remember this. If it was your mother, your sister, your best friend, even yourself, the lies we accepted to be lived are mastering a subconscious reality tha is builting organically herself in our physical bodies like an epidemic virus. And our body never lies. Your body wants to make conscious the unconscious pains because your LILITH is always alive and wants to be lived. You can live her shadow with all her pain. You can live her fire and create a new world where you are totally the master of your life. It's your choice.

But if you want to be fulfilled in your own skin, you have to deeply hear and feel your body. Those kinds of pains are multidimensional and carefully hidden from your own self, you have to look for the traces in all the bodies, first in your body, then in your emotions, and finally in your soul, she will speak to you. Seek those places where nature has planned seeds of feminine wisdom and healing light and seek those women who know the path of Shakti through darkness to light.



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