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Some Thoughts on Tradition

Updated: Oct 4, 2018

To follow the tradition in many cases is to show respect. It is to acknowledge the efforts of all the people before you and me, our ancestors, our family, our teachers, and that the ground we stand now, is a result of all of them, before us.

But where we stand today, is also because we stepped out of the norm. It is because we healed our past, so we could create a #newfuture.

There are whole systems inside traditions that need to be healed, because what they create is limitation and hardness, they suppress and hold back the creative forces because of their tendency for inequality and control.

A traditional mind is useful when it respects the stories and the history of the past. But when it operates in structured behaviours it doesn't promote a happy and free living, neither growth and expansion.

An example is the relationship between men and women. In some cultures and countries, there is a whole tradition that hold the stereotypes so solid and unattached. So unfree, they drain out the #passion and the aliveness because they need to control they have to be superior, they need to feel the reins in their hands all the time.

There is a huge difference in respecting the tradition, than to have a traditional mind.

I wonder if you wonder how far your traditional mind can take you? If at the end of the day your heart is full and content. Do you think that you will be fulfilled more if you own a person than to celebrate your life with her?

For me the best gift for the #generations to come is to free the dynamics in relationships between women and men, because all creation emerge out of this, and what we see today around us is reflecting the absence of balance between the primal forces. No tradition should interfere in the natural concept of togetherness. We can't hide behind our finger declaring that we are free people, when we are not capable to be free in love.

This has no truth to me.

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