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Unity of Sex & Spirituality Within us

Regarding sex and spirituality:

People usually take big distance either to sex or spirituality.If it sex they take distance, they put lots of gilt in it.The gilt mingles in fear and people slowly loose touch with their natural impulses.If the distance is to spirituality, they cut touch with consciousness in sex.They need more of it because they can't find unity within them, and they waste themselves and their partners.

Unfulfilled sexual energy leaves the body depressed.

Meeting God is a deeply sensual experience

All senses expand awaken and blossom.

Why to think that He/She is separated from sexuality?

Is there a fear to embrace fully our own sexuality?

And what does this means for each of us?

Is it a fear to leave control to sweet surrender? Why to think that to move closer to spiritualityis you have to take distance from pleasure? There is no need for judgmental separation or extreme ways. We can embrace both with awakened awareness as we have a human experience on Earth. Sex is a place where we can find total unity and freedom.

How could this possibly be not connected to divinity? God/ess is all about unity.

We learned gilt very well, we know how it smellswe know how it sounds, we know how it tastes. Now we have to return to purity,make clear and crystal our senses peel the old skin of old spiritualitywhere God and sex are roads leading to opposite directions. Gilt created because once we lost our sense of divinity and at the same time divinity to sex were lost. When we acknowledge our spiritual selfI immediately sex is redefined. Love creates space for pure expression in everything, also in making love.

We have to remember that God is one with creation.And creation is all and simply that an extended love pulse of pure sex.


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