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Why you need your spiritual teacher

They say that the teacher comes when the student is ready, I truly believe that.

I have a story  how i found my teacher. It started with a dream, a knight in a silver armor to run to me riding a wild horse, it was a matter of life and death to reach me in time. This dream was so vivid, I could feel the breath and the agony of the Knight the galloping of the horse was echoing in my ears, I had become one with the tension and the movement in his muscles.  I wake up full in sweat and my heart beating like crazy. The same day I opened the TV and it had a documenter about Knights and the Holy Grail. I did a search on Google led me to the female grail and France, and that's how I discovered the Ashram. Just by coincidence. Well I don't believe in coincidences. In one month I was there. Ι immediately applied for seva, so we decided the dates.

That time of my life was really a challenging time for me, it was the end of a long season in the spa industry, and two months ago I had a serious health incidence,  my heart had stop beating more that 40-50 pulses for many days and that was while I had to run the spa and an art exhibition I was in charge of. I found myself really very close to physical death and nevertheless I had permitted only 4 days off to myself although the doctor said that I had to stop work until my pituitary gland starts function normal again, that hard I was to myself.

There were many things that time that was falling and failing. I had reached an end point and my heart was screaming it. And that was the time when my path aligned with my teachers and our roads met. At a time of great letting go, deconstruction, death and rebirth. I hadn’t ask for it to happen, not consciously, but my soul was praying for it silently.

The first time I've stepped my feet to the ashram , the lightness of this place surrounded my aura, and the whispering song of the love of my teacher, although she was away, had penetrate my emotional defense system and the long past of my soul’s story. It was amazing the transformation process I was going through only by doing devotional work. There were words coming in my lips, mantras, just to make me aware of the energies that was worshiping with me this very moment for my healing, and I remember I was singing, Durga jai jai ma and I was crying without knowing why, an old pain had pop up while I was weeding the small orchard.

It was 8 o’clock in the morning and I was already at the meditation hall for the morning meditation.  My teacher was in the ashram and I was longing so much to see her and feel her presence. After the meditation she came to my side and she hugged me. She hugged me in such a way, that nobody had ever hugged me like this before. That was a moment of wholeness, i felt like all my pieces stuck together and I did this thought,” if she can hug me this was, where does her love reaches” . The time had stopped. It felt the warmth of her energy to penetrate my skin and my cells and the very core of my being. I had experienced an internal earthquake , and a horrible mirroring took place that very moment. 

She, in such simplicity and with the truthfulness of her nude love show to me the love I deserve, the love I permitted to myself and the love was missing from my life. And that was a revolution, this experience had thunder my socks out.

When I returned back to Crete, I was in a strange bliss. The only thing I really remember is a continuous flow of a transparent light energy coming in waves to me and my heart in ecstasy to send this love back. It was like when you find a piece of yours very lost for a long time and put it back in its place, it takes some time to stick. What was happening to me, was my system redefining itself from the very core of it. Then I knew deeply in my heart that She was my spiritual teacher. I wrote her and a few days later she confirmed that. One year after,  the same month I visited her again at the Ashram to make the celebration ritual of student and teacher. And I really can’t describe to you how strong, velvet and blissful this re-connection was.

The months and the days ahead was a big welcome kiss from the divine, and a kick to the bone too.

Many people think that it is not necessary to have a spiritual teacher. Most of them are disappointed from previous teachers and some others afraid to trust themselves to another person. I understand this,  I had the same belief at the beginning, and still I believe we are the masters of ourselves. But when people get in the spiritual path actually it is always a call to return home and most of the times we have forgot the road back.  As I was moving forward in my spiritual path I found out that every teacher I attracted was the right teacher the moment he/she appeared in my life. Every one of them served the higher purpose and enlightened my path , even when there was not pure Love in many occasions. We are here to live our Karma , and as Agni Eickermann once said “ Karma means to meet yourself in the way ”.  When you are ready to vibrate in a higher octave of light and love, the universe will literally through you on the feet of the right people, and when your heart is really ready you will meet your spiritual teacher.

There are many teachers you may meet in your way, but when you find your spiritual teacher, your life will change automatically, because she/he is the one with whome your soul has contracted with through countless eons.

When you meet your spiritual teacher, you will know it in your heart, she will hover in ecstasy silently.

Your teacher knows you, she/he actually knows you pretty well, she/he will lead you to your true self. If you have forgotten, she/he is here to remember for you until you remember.

She/he will help you not only to remember, but she/he will transcend you in a state of pure knowing.

Whenever your ego interferes she/he will ease the storm with loads of love. She/he will never scold you for pointing your ego out, this is just another form of ego. She/he knows well.

She/he knows your secret pain, she/he will dance with your shadow, she/he will make you love your spurting wound, she/he will lead you to claim your power.

When you find your spiritual teacher you’ll feel empowered and protected as never before. She/he works as a shield against all evil, even this you created for yourself.

It will not make it easy for you most of the times, because transformation requires deaths, several deaths. But only this way you can achieve a great rebirth. She will be your midwife.

You may be the discipline, but the teacher aims to bring the student to self mastery.  She/he knows the secret of the wordless discipline, and in a whispering rhythm she/he will fuel it in to your soul.

You may have many companies in this life for your path, but if you can walk it with your teacher your are blessed from the divine.

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