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S A L T   H E A L I N G

Salt is part of my life many years now.

It came the exact moment that I had to remember one of my basic qualities: Purity

I use it on my chakras, in my meditations, to my clients, in my bath, my everyday life.

It has been a milestone for my spiritual path, and even now it polishes my leadership qualities.

Now in these special times, it helps my body to endure the high transformation rate.

I let it melt into me, the same way the awareness of the divine dwells into the worlds, the same way it is one with the sea.

One of the ways to do that is to show you the range of my services as a Salt-Priestess and if you allow me I can guide you furthermore and support you during these special times.

With the new DNA awareness, as Agni has said already, our chakras tend to empty, the disconnector mantra that we’ve received support this process. Consequently, the vitality of our energy system is very unstable in this extremely transformative process. The old has to shed like an old skin, and the new has to stream in.

Light - Salts are very capable of supporting your chakra system in this process. The main quality of the Salt is to purify, transform, also to restore the missing information in your energy system and to bring the new consciousness-energy, and moreover clarity for your path.

Salt Healing is a complete healing system that fits especially to those who want to awaken in themselves but also to our times where people are affected by serious illnesses, life crises, depression, and burnouts.


I can support you online with:

  • guided meditations & consultation from the Cosmos of the Salts

  • salt healing for your chakras and your subtle bodies

  • cleansing of astral/ emotional/mental body

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