Y O U R - S O U L - P U R P O S E

Integrating Your Soul Purpose

When the soul descends on Earth, She comes with a purpose! When we are still children, and before everyone starts to have an opinion, we carry alive inside us the remembrance on this purpose! But later as our lives are forced to follow social structures and norms, and the traditional paths of the family, consequently the sensation of this task slowly fades away! We learn to fit in, to feel not important, leading our lives in ignorance of our spiritual gifts and our competence.

The higher purpose is interwoven within our purpose, that's why the higher service is when we do our purpose!
It's not about fulfilling a task for somebody else, it's about fulfilling ourselves and what we are here for!

To Align you with your soul purpose, I offer to you this energetic work, in alliance Goddess Artemis and the Sacred Deer!

This work is really about where you stand in your path right now and the potential that is waiting to manifest, giving new leadership in your light and your life. Making yourself visible and even more unshakable to your path.


I find where you hide your purpose in your aura and I integrate it inside you. Many qualities connected with your purpose reveal themselves and I collect them making them available to you. What you need at this time in order to do your purpose, I bring it down from your soul and your Heavens.

I love this work, and I love to give it to you.

Highly recommended for those who already have received their soul purpose during The Path Into Light, Acc consultants, spiritual teachers, etc

Energy Exchange: 200 euro


Lana Koliofouka - Crete

I would like to share with you today my experience of Alinea Smaragda 's new service,

"Integration of your Soul Purpose".
When we finished with the process and I left with this energy, I saw many angels around me singing and dancing, and I was very happy. I heard a voice (my soul?) saying "You finally see yourself". My wings were constantly shaking. I was changing, I was feeling it. There was a confusion inside me, I started to see and recognize myself more and more. I tried to put into words what it was happening to me, but the words could not describe it.
I feel that kind of joy for first time in my life. My soul purpose is within me, the tools I need are also within me, the steps to achieve it are determined by the cooperation of my soul purpose and my love. What else do I need to continue on my path?
In these days of world quarantine, I have received many blessings, initiations, and healings from many energy healers around the world. I realized that it was all about seeing and recognizing myself. But, aligning with my soul purpose, gives me the confidence that I will stay on my path, under any circumstances, till fulfillment.
If you really want to fulfill your soul purpose, to take your place in the Golden Age and be visible to others, this is a servise that will help you. There is no better time than NOW to be whole in earth and shine our light

Par Lina Vallianatou - Athens

I don't know how to describe the experience I had when” Ι integrated the purpose of my soul “ with Alinea.
All my doubts about my purpose here on Earth were dispelled, my whole fear was finally dispelled as I recognized him ... And finally the confirmation came ... Even now that I am writing the energy of this still work,

it takes my breath away !!!
I change every day, but that really  transformed me !!! It reminded me of who I am ...
A huge tree with roots deep in the ground to give me confidence ...The light is dazzling ....
Jesus is present everywhere to confirm for me once again our huge connection ...

and the support of Alinea is magical ...
A huge step has been taken and my path has now become clear.
I am ready to walk with all my soul full of joy and devotion !!!!!!
Alinea, thank you from the bottom of my heart !!!