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The Path Into Light is the Path to your own Light. 
It is a path you can take to really arrive at yourself and consciously know that everything you wish for, everything you want to achieve in your life, is already there for you. 
It is an opportunity to see your outer life change because of your inner growth.
If you become one with the flow of your life, life will immediately begin to flow with you.
You only need to find the courage to take the first step.  

4 days of intense and radical transformation:

  • opening your perception levels

  •  chakra work

  • meditations

  • energy healing

  • partner work

  • techniques to support the expansion of your light experience the connection between heaven and earth, and how to work with light and your light! 

  • opening the Akasha to read information about your future (only during the seminar)

  • information about your soul purpose - your life task.


The whole seminar is infused and supported in the energetic presence of 8 Avatars to hold the energy for you to walk the path to your Light.

At the end of the seminar, you receive information about your soul purpose and the reason you were born on this Earth.

Empowerment is inner growth.
Empowerment is to walk the path that is yours.

And The Path Into Light is the Path to yourself.

You are cordially invited!

If you still wonder if this seminar is for you, let me ask you

  • Are you searching for new meaning and direction for your life?

  • Do you need to change your inner images about yourself and your outer reality?

  • Do your perception levels limit your life's everyday experience?

  • Do you want to take more responsibility for yourself, meaning, the peace, love, light, and joy that you experience in your life?

  • Are you looking forward to yourself in a different way, that is more aligned to who you are in your soul, and your soul purpose?

  • Are you longing for sacredness, spiritual accompaniment, and everyday tangible spirituality?

  • Do you have many obstacles in your environment and you feel like you are on a mouse wheel?

Or do you simply want to expand to new levels of understanding, gratitude and self creation! Because it is mostly about saying yes to yourself, to what is ultimate yours and makes you extraordinary, your own path, Inviting the Light in and around you.

Maybe after the questions above, you are more clear if this seminar is for you, but perhaps you would like to hear something more from my experience?

My personal insights:

Personally, I have attained the Path Into Light as a participant many years ago 3 times!

It was a vert strong call to re-evaluate my whole definition of love.

The love for myself, the love I was receiving from my family and my environment, the divine love.

What I thought I knew, about the love I had in my life, exploded like a bubble when I experienced a love I could not even put into words.

Moreover, my call was very strong even before the seminar starts, and while the training but also after it, I had big visions about my destiny and my life, that many years later started to really take bones and flesh. 

Every time I did "The Path into Light" it took me to a different level of awareness and love with myself because it is a seminar that will work on the evolution level that you are now in your life, and on the major topics of your life. 

The wisdom that this seminar is enriched with is beyond the rational mind.

The Path Into Light is not the last step you will take towards the path to yourself but is very essential!

 Sincerely, if I could ever think of all the gifts that this life has placed to my feet, this was one of the greatest!

For me The Path Into Light in a sentence is:

" A revolutionary act of pure self-love"

The Path Into Light is  a seminar i give after Agni Eickermann.

Up-Coming Training:

Date: 24 - 27th of May ,

Place: Turkey - Kusadasi.

It will be possible for those who would like to join d can't travel to Turkey to join online.

Statue with Flowers

Here we are!

With no masks or filters...

talking about the Path Into Light

My personal calling from Sathya Sai Baba, sharing my insights and extraordinary experiences around this wonderful seminar.


Love and Light 

A free meditation program about the Path Into Light will be announced soon. 

  • What this specific Path Into Light has to give to you.

  • What mean for your life to join this training?

I will guide you on a meditation where you can receive your own answers. After we can share our experiences and moreover you can make questions about the seminar.

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