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A "victimized narcissist"

our dramas -traumas,

needs codependency,

and find addictions,

either another Narcissist..

that's how we heal,

with wicked games,

from people

who punish our pride

with their cowardness

and-vise versa

both of us

taking the same kind

of poison

in large portions.

Until we decide

to break free

from our dramas - traumas.

No need for codependency.

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Buddhist Singing Bowl

Trauma Release

As light increases on Earth, the speed and frequency at which trauma occurs in our system are greater than ever before.

When there are active wounds in our system, the energy is very dense and nothing can get through. We wallow in an emotional and mental morass.   This is why it is very important to release them in order to feel free within ourselves and to release the flow of our life at the same time. In addition, this "trauma release" technique builds bridges for new DNA energy in one's energy system.

Trauma release is a powerful technique that can be done not only for the traumas that awaken in our system as we open the pathways of our incarnation but it can also be applied to release traumatic experiences from our current life. (car accidents, violent harassment, and Cetera)

Many times it is necessary to do regression first to successfully complete the release of the trauma. 

And many times a trauma has more than one level and after releasing the first one the next ones emerge. 

The process of trauma release is one of the strongest and necessary techniques I work with and I would advise you to not neglect yourself if you feel that there are active traumas in your system.

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