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Image by Caroline Greyling

The Blessing to be a Woman

Five Initiations to
the Path of  Sacred Femininity


Because it is a blessing to be a woman,

join me on the path of the light of your own femininity,

without pain, just by discovering again who you really are,

walk your own path, towards your identity.

Are you longing for yourself, this kind of self that you always new you are, the pure you?

You know that you have a fire burning inside you incessantly? 

Let me rise your shakti, by unlocking your inner passion.

5 Initiations for your Female being,

they want to bring your Soul back to her free dynamic.

5 Initiations to the Path of Femininity pave the way for the female soul
to return back to her free dynamic

5 Initiations to the Path of Femininity were reborn in Turkey, Ephesus.

Ephesus, a womb in deep prayer, a vessel of Light that brings down to Earth

from the Divine Throne the seeds of a new creation. 

5 New Dimensions of Light unlock with the gifts of these initiations

and help women to feel the blessing of being women and actually to bring this blessing in their daily lives. ​


for all beings in female bodies, who wish to meet and truly remember themselves for all she is.

You will receive 5 sacred initiations, that each complete

and build further the other in a special sequence.

These initiations will be opening closed doors to the aspects of feminine energy for each participant,

allowing you to dive into your innermost essence and core identity,

aiming to bring in you the presence of your soul and bring you back to your free, natural dynamic.

The 5 Initiations are:
Unlocking Your Joy
2. Unlocking Your passion(Creation Fire)

3. Initiation of Enlightenment

 (with The Light of the Women of Ephesus)
4. a) 
Jesus Blessing (Christ Consciousness)

b)harmony within yourself & within the community
5. Acceptance of Yourself.

The 5th initiation is the ➕ point where all the initiations come together supporting you to accept all who you truly are.

Aspects of your soul now have the space to take their place in your energy field, you finally meet yourself anew.

The FIVE INITIATIONS TO THE PATH OF FEMININITY have taken place in many countries already

- Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, France, and Taiwan, awakening the presence of the divine feminine in each woman.

Most of the women who participated have had a big breakthrough in their lives

and others found the courage and the energy to embark on the most intimate journey with their-selves,

simply embracing who they really are.
However, the initiations work at the level that each woman

is in her life at that moment, supporting her in every possible way.

During the initiations, there are meditations that help you

to integrate the energies into your system and also other techniques.

The initiations are held in one day and the time is estimated according to

the number of the group of women that participates every time.

These initiations serve better their purpose when they are given in a circle of women.

Nevertheless, a woman can receive these initiations privately on request.

Raves from women who walked the path
to their own femininity with me

Many women experienced a great breakthrough in their lives, others, received the support they needed to get along with their personal path.

Nikoleta Triantaffillaki

Driving School Owner - Greece

" I believe that this seminar is a gift that every women should give to herself.

I truly feel that was shaken and closed a very big part of my old life".

Vinna Aspa Gkiata

Nursery Teacher - Greece

"It was a unique experience that is difficult to express in words. It is a gift to all of us, a sweet and at the same time powerful energy that you will welcome to your system and it will be there for every step of you, to support you. So I could express my experience like this: I do not feel that it gave me "new" power just unlocked "my own power". It did not bring anything new to my life, it awakened everything that was deep inside me. Passion and I'm not just talking about erotic passion , i am talking about  power, freedom, appreciation at last to yourself".

Elisa & her daughters Emma & Frida

Welfare Worker - Alpha Chi Consultant - Germany

"I am very grateful that i had the luck to receive the 5 Initiations to the Path of Femininity with my two daughters, Emma and Frida.

We feel light, healthy, and full of power!

It was a present for ourselves and it was very big, huge! Thank you".

Lina Par Vallianatou

Decorator - Acc Consultant - Athens

"The first time I saw the event posted, I felt an immense deep need to participate.

made it, and I am very grateful for it!

I felt to vibrate and activate in all the levels of my female being.

It is a gift that all women deserve to give to themselves.

Thank you very much, Alinea".

Sumila Kitidis

English Teacher - Spiritual Teacher - Greece

"A very strong, gratified excperience"

Rada San 

Tourist Guide - Spiritual Teacher, Crete

"I recently joined a small circle of women for the 5 initiations to femininity.

Alinea allows each woman to work with the initiations at her own level and moment of growth. So you have the support, warmth and exchange of the circle but each woman works through her own issues. There is a sense of depth, ancient mystery, care and a new opening through the entire cycle of initiations.

It is beautiful to decide we are worth the money, time and travels we spend on these initiations. Thus we show our respect to ourselves and to other women. Thank you Alinea, Rada San "

Sokratia Smaragda

Artist - Crete

First of all, I want to say a big thank you to Alinea for doing this beautiful work with so much love and passion. Grateful to be a part of it.
Two days later I can say, that this experience changed my deepest structures. That goes far behind this lifetime. I am endlessly grateful, energized and renewed.


Spiritual Teacher - Taiwan

Today is a very profound day,
Although I don’t know Aliena, when I saw the event, I felt that it was what I needed.

For the first time, I felt what the joy of the eyebrow chakra is. Although I have done a lot of work on the chakra, I often help myself to do ACC Feng Shui, but it was completely different at that time. My brows are very comfortable, and many thoughts and thoughts seem to be replaced by a kind of warm relaxation.

Another profound feeling is that I saw the huge trauma of the previous life. In the picture, I felt that my umbilical wheel was screaming. These pains began to melt away and release until I stopped resisting and fearing these memories. It was the part that I didn't expect to be healed today.

Thank you, Alinea, and the fellow initiates who participated together today.

I feel very good now.



English Translator - Acc - Taiwan

Long story short, as I'll leave the surprises when you really experience her wonder energy. For me, the five initiation is like spring cleaning a house, which is my body in this case. In some initiations, you can feel some unneeded negative thoughts and energy are being removed and you are even given tools or techniques so that you know how to deal with energies of such in the future. Then in other Initiations, it is as if there's a breeze swishing down the aisle and into every corner of the body and aura to get everything back into order.
The five initiations are about getting to know yourself once again, gaining your own power once again, knowing how to use your strengths once again and last but not least, to be ourselves again! So, I sincerely recommend this initiation to all those who long to be themselves again".

You are a circle of women
who is interested to receive
the 5 Initiations to the Path of Femininity?

Awakening the Shakti  Fires

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