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Image by Austin Schmid

How do you want it to feel like?

Create this feeling for you.

My job is to create places where people are nourished, protected, and in harmony with their surroundings. Places that they support them to ground their light, their creative impulses and help them to expand.

But of course, you may wonder how energy feng shui works in a house.

First let me tell you that houses are living entities, full of emotions and mental structures of the people they used to live there. That's why you may enter a house and have a very warm or cold feeling that makes you want to run away. You can feel the energies in this space.

With energy feng shui we remove all these energetic imprints, that actually lower the vibration of a place, affecting the people physically and mentally. Taking out what is old and heavy, transforming, bringing balance to the elements in the house, working on the creative flow of the chakras, raising the energies, expanding, and harmonizing the flow.

Imagine that you house is an energetic body. I work in its meridian system and I release whatever is not balanced and blocks the creative flow of your life, or your business. Furthermore I am able to integrate the right energy template that support you to overcome any kind of obstacles relating to different fields of your life, like abundance, peace, love and so on. 

Energy feng shui is a kind of lifestyle for me. You don't need the motivation to create a place of love and light, you know that you deserve it, you make it your priority.

Rising the vibration of your home, you will have a natural boost in your everyday life, but also you will feel supported to accomplish your tasks and moreover to move in the direction of your goals. 

The price of energy feng shui services differs from house to business. The price starts at 8euros and it can reach up to 10 to 14 euros per square meter. Nevertheless, as we are mainly paid for the energy that we transform and remove, every case is different. 

Create a place where your whole being breaths...

Create a place that nourishes your roots to grow deeper...

Home is a feeling

Foggy Forest

As a certified Alpha Chi Consultant I work with energy feng shui for homes and businesses since 2016.

I am always amazed by the transformative power of this system and the impact it has on people's lives.

If you are interested to invest in your home or business in this way, applying energy feng shui, we are able to diagnose in advance the energies and the themes of your place.

Of course, we have to talk about it, and the best way is to book an appointment with me.

Image by Natalie Grainger
It's the first time my house feels like home".”

Efi Bidaki Officer Accountant, Greece

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