with an Alpha Chi Consultant

Spiritual Coaching is a differnt way of taking decisions based on the energy of your soul with clear insights from the level of natural law. 

It gives you access to information and possibilities that you have never imaged before.

My personal coaching is based on my life experience, and my knowledge, and basically to the access of the 8th chakra, the place of the natural law, the Akasha, a library of light information from the beginning of creation. As an Alpha Chi Consultant i have access to this field.

Coaching gains a different meaning when is leaded from this center. why? Because the information are aligned with creation and your individual path as soul. Although the information is coming from an energy level, they actually work as keys to any challenges you are facing right now in your life.

Practical solutions is provided for the themes of your life and open new doors for your creativity, a totally new space of endless possibilities. 

Life can be very complicated many times. We search to find keys, and there are not keys. We try to open new doors and we don't know the way. This is very frustrating and sucks so much energy that at the end we lose the passion to move forward, or we already feel very tired.

This happens because many times the answers are found in the soul level and not in the rational mind. The information or the keys that you receive from the level of natural law, brings more fulfillment and understanding to many things and life events that didn't make any sense until now.

This kind of coaching will create a connection between your light and your every day life, harmonizing the flow of your life, harmonizing the relationship you have with yourself, bringing you in touch with your more intimate self.