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From the Level of Natural Law

Holistic Coaching

is a different way

of taking decisions

based on the energy

of your S O U L

with clear insights from

the level of Natural law. 

It gives you access to

information and possibilities

that you have never

imagined before.

My personal guidance is based on my life experience, inner knowing and basically accessing the 8th chakra (and 9th chakra), the seat of natural law, Akasa, a light library of information from the beginning of creation. By accessing this build field, coaching takes on a different meaning and significance when driven from this center. Why;

Because the information aligns with your creation and individual path as a soul.

Although the information comes from an energy level, it actually acts as keys to any challenges you are currently facing in your life. They provide practical solutions to your life issues and open new doors to your creativity, a whole new realm of endless possibilities.

Life can be very complicated many times. We are looking to find keys and there are no keys. We are trying to open new doors and we don't know how. This is very frustrating and absorbs so much energy that in the end, we lose the passion to move forward or we already feel very tired.

This is because many times the answers lie at the level of the soul and not in the rational mind. The information or keys you receive from the level of natural law bring more fullness and understanding to many things and events in life that did not make sense until now.

This type of guidance will create a connection between your soul and your earthly life, harmonize your life flow and relationship with yourself, and will certainly put you in touch with many authentic parts of who you are that are seeking recognition. and to find expression in your everyday life.

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