Image by Alina Sofia

Sacred is Your Love

Freedom is not outside of us

She is in our stories, She is in our past

She is the mark of the fallen love in the mosaic of our Soul

She is always there to be retrieved and to be lived

in a boundless heart.

 - Alinea

Christ Light Initiation

With this initiation, I connect you with the different heavens of Christ Light.

After the initiation, you are able to send light to bring peace, harmony, and balance in situations and it is a strong tool to bring freedom to your ancestor lines. It is an important healing tool for the Golden Age.

Christ light initiation will sharpen and boost your leadership capacity. 

Energy exchange: 200 euros

Essene Community Initiation

With this initiation, you become a member of the Essenes and the spiritual community of Jesus.
You will receive a water ritual and a mantra that you can use it as a daily practice and a tool to develop and anchor love, in thought and action, in your life through the Christ Light consciousness that will awaken and expand in your heart with the initiation and the following practice.

Be a channel of love.
Be a body of Love.

Integrating Your Soul Purpose

This work is really about where you stand in your path right now and the potential that is waiting to manifest, giving new leadership in your light and your life. Making yourself visible and even more unshakable to your path.


I find where you hide your purpose in your aura and I integrate it inside you. Many qualities connected with your purpose reveal themselves and I collect them making them available to you. What you need at this time in order to do your purpose, I bring it down from your soul and your Heavens.

I love this work, and I love to give it to you.

Highly recommended for those who already have received their soul purpose during The Path Into Light, Acc consultants, spiritual teachers, etc

One with the Origin of Your Light


Initiation to the Origin of your Light

It’s all about belonging 100% to yourself and your life on Earth.

will support a slow or fast integration of your soul purpose (depends on you)

For many, it will be rooting they never had before.

Generally, it brings a new order to somebody’s life and creation.

Mainly is about a NEW level of creation for your being and what you need for that will be supported.

It works differently for everyone depending on where you stand in your life and on your path right now.

It will give you a certain transformation rate and consequently a bigger expansion and manifestation of your Light, as this energy will create a channel that your original light with your life on Earth can melt together.

Old traumas and stories can become visible after this work.

Reunion of the Holy Couples

Jesus and I, give this Blessing-Initiation, from our Divine Mother,

so Holy Couples can find each other again in the Golden Age.

In order to do this, we have to accelerate time which actually means to accelerate creation.

I give this initiation as one service with my core quality "accelerating time'.

However, someone can receive this initiation as a single service.

In many cases is about releasing barriers against love, breaking walls of resentment, re-establishing shiva-shakti balance in the energy system, and whatever is in the om Namah Shivaya.

Nevertheless, in all cases, I recognized immediately the holy partner of my client.