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Inner Child 

Live your Life!
Dabbing in Water

A seminar with Alinea Smaragda after Sina Nanasi

Inner Child is a 4 days deeply transformative and liberating seminar that can redirect someone's whole life path.

The seminar is focused on two things:

  • Finding and Healing the human inner child

Trauma releases - discarding baggage - re-programming - regressions - making peace with parents and one's own story.

  • Awakening and Liberating the divine inner child

Recognizing it's one origin, connecting with its heavens, realigning with light and love, finding it'd place again.

When we are in flow with ourselves, we are in flow with our life. But what mean to be in flow? It means that all our parts are followed and they do not oppose each other. It means that we follow the path of our soul and a life that someone else decided for us.

When we are children, the responsibility of our selves is in our parent's hands, to guide us, to protect us, and to teach us how to walk on this life. However in most of the cases, due to the lack of a spiritual foundation inside the family, children have difficulty being seen as who they are and being recognized for their individual light. Therefore their life and their path, in most of the cases are directed or influenced by the expectations and the mindset of their parents.

Because of this, children are appropriated with beliefs and ideas about themselves that take them away from their true potential. And moreover, they create subtle mechanisms or behavioral patterns that create consequently a lot of hassle and sabotage in their adult life.






Part of this seminar's responsibility is to chance this relationship inside the human inner child with itself regarding its parents, and is one of the most important parts of this work,  to claim back the leadership of his being and his life. This is the process of reparenting the inner child. 

All along the seminar we work with the energy of Christ Light because only through the light of unconditional Love is possible the inner child to be revealed and to be seen, first, in front of your own eyes. Only through the light of unconditional love, deep understanding and forgiveness are possible!

Although many people think that the inner child is a romantic idea of their younger self, I can assure you that is a vital part of your being and that it plays a vital role in how you perceive yourself and even how you lead your life. Your own self-worth and self-esteem both rest in the heart of your inner child.

"The inner child" seminar, is an invitation to reunite and to co-create with the purest and most authentic part of yourself, that sparks joy, creativity, lightness, and divine presence. 

It is your chance to let go of blame and guilt and tap to your initial potential. To realign your life with your divine plan and your purpose for this life!

You write the manuscript of a life that has your own essence and signature!

"What is the meaning of life?" asked different people from all over the world in a documentary. One Brazilian answered, "Life is to carry a message from the child you were to the grown-up you will become. You need to make sure that this message is not lost on the way".

Inner child live your life!

Energy investment:

Europe - Taiwan 2390 euros

Greece - 1800 euros

Turkey - 1500 euros

Smiling Child
" A few days ago I completed a journey of recognition and communication with my inner child. The experience was incredible powerful and beyond my expectations. Communication with my inner child is a new daily habit and works for me as a compass for my next step or as a protection against wrong moves/choices. The release that happened during the seminar was huge. Clearing, forgiveness, peace, recognition, love. These are some of the gifts by completing the inner child seminar. After this work I find myself walking more consciously, steady, focused on my path, hand in hand with my inner child. I want to thank Alinea for all her support, love and patience on this journey" 

Lana Koliofouka, GR

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