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The Essene Healer & Mystic

This training is Renaissance of the original knowledge from the tree of the Essenes.

It is the Essene tradition that Alinea brings back to Earth, in alliance with the Divine mother and Jesus.

This training is capturing the essence of the Divine Mother on Earth, making visible our deep connection with the Elemental life through the essence of the Essenes.

In this training are given the keys to those who want to become new Essenes

and for those who want to return home and remember the healers they are.

Most of all, is a very deep communion with Jesus and the sacred teachings from the Temple of Love.

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4 days training:

1st Day: Welcoming to the Essence Community of Jesus

Entering the Circle of Love, Initiation to the essence community, Healing the past (and more)

2nd Day: Capturing the Essence of the Essenes in the light of the Golden Age

-Old techniques in a new light

-remembering the sacred teachings through love

-alignment through the temple of love (and more)

3rd day: Awakening the connection and the knowledge with he Elements

-Initiation to the elements and the different aspects of life.

-The fire of the elements - Building holy spaces (and more)

4th day: Becoming a Vessel of Love -The connection with Jesus

-Alignment with the tree of life of the Essenes

-Awakening the divine love in every aspect of our life

- Activating the sacred Teachings- silent encounter with Jesus-

Your place in the world as an Essene. ( and more)



Date: 22 - 25 of March

Time: 10:00 - 18:00 daily

Where: (Ephesus Light Center) Kusadasi Turkey

For Booking:

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