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7 Gates of Christ Light 

Diving into the new Cosmic Consciousness 

7 Gates of high energy/consciousness, through which the participant goes through a deep process of purification, energetically and in his body, transformation, forgiveness, liberation, awakening,

Rebirth and expansion into the Golden Age!

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Become Healer of Christ Light

The 7 gates of the Christ Light give you the opportunity to become a healer of the Christ Light by receiving special initiations. Thus you have access not only to the energy, but also to the temples of the Christ Light, and this applies not only during the seminar, but also when you need to work further on your own evolution or healing or the healing of your clients.

Each gate you pass through prepares you for the next one, until you reach the 7th gate, the "sea of Christ Light", the union with your higher self and the purification that takes place at this level, which is different from all others, so that you can live your true self in the golden age!

Just some of the things that took place during the seminar:

 You are initiated into the New Christ Shiva Shakti Fire.

  • You  have the opportunity to released yourself from what holds you back.

  • Your  blood is very deeply cleansed of entities and blockages are dissolved in the blood flow, your vascular system.

  • The basic knowledge from many incarnations as a healer, activates and returns to you embodied.

  • Each portal contributes to the raising of your consciousness and you gain the tools and knowledge you use to heal others.

  • You align with the blueprint of your soul and this happens on many different levels, both energetically and musculoskeletal. 

  • A special Antenna is activated in your aura and align you instantly  with your soul path, so you can attract what is yours and what you have to create according to your path.

NOTE: the 7 Gates of Christ Light is a spiritual training that has nothing to do with religion or dogma. Christ Light comes from the cosmic level of creation.

Christ Light is the cosmic energy that assists and accompanies the Earthy and the people to their transformation and ascension process. 


Upcoming event

The knowledge and power of the Christic Light is vast and very concentrated and works in a mystical and very wise way, so it is difficult to put into words the process one goes through each gate.

I am opening the school for the first time.

January 20-21, 2 days in the row.

The seminar will be online.

February 17 & 24 (Saturdays)

The seminar will be online

English language

What People Say

"A few days ago I attended the "7 Gates of Christ Light" training-seminar with Alinea.

It was really a strong seminar.

In the 1st Gate I felt the balancing of feminine and masculine energy, at first it was like an intense vortex in the central axis, then all the energy was transferred to the center of the forehead as a pulse intense and then more relaxed where at the end it became like a veil that I felt in my whole body.

In the 6th Gate when activating the "antenna" of the 3rd eye I felt the energy flowing along my entire spine, on the back side of the solar plexus I felt a blockage preventing the energy from going up specifically I felt intense heat where after relaxed became cooler and the energy flowed easily.

After the seminar my connection with my light is stronger and clearer.

Many thanks to Alinea for the support and the team we worked with. »

Wina Giata / Greece

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