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From Heaven to Earth

Core competence - what is it?

Core Competence is the core knowledge of a specific level of your heavens,  condensed in power and Light.

When you embody a core competence you become the competence itself. You Are. You have stepped to the level to Be.

Then with your presence wherever you are or whatever you do, you radiate the essence of your competence.

The embodiment of a core competence is a long sacred birthing process, that passes through many levels of existence until it is manifested on the Earthly Level, and assists people and Earth in their transformation and evolution.

Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart is a core quality from the 1st level of my Heaven.
Sacred Heart is about embodying the sacredness/freedom of your own love.
It walks in your incarnation paths and finds all those places in time that you’ve lost your sacredness - freedom, she restores the lost sacredness as she opens your heart in very deep and profound ways.

Sacred Heart knows the pains of humanity, and if your soul’s journey on Earth through the human experience was through sorrows and pains, she can realign you with your deepest love, and exactly as a woman who experienced the sacred heart said: ” sacred heart is the ability to go through sorrow and pains and be able to radiate the deepest love and compassion”.

My first basic talent - the core quality "sacred heart" will bring freedom to your heart.

Where did you lose your sacredness, is Where you did lose your freedom?

For women I have many times seen, that sacred heart works on their incarnation paths. She opens their incarnation path and walk-in releasing the past. She works at the same time on their womb space and deletes the energetic imprints of difficult and harmful experiences they had.

The healing is multidimensional, physical, emotional, and energetic.

The sacred heart has been proved among other things to be very effective for women that go through postpartum depression.

No matter the case, or the gender, the sacred heart is going to bring you freedom from your own stories, it will bring freedom to your heart. You will feel again the sacredness of who you are.

Sacred Heart many times linked people to their Heavens and gave them a new path more aligned to who they are. Other times during the session qualities from their heaven came back, or shattered pieces of the heart. 

Accelerating Time

Accelerating Time is my 2nd core quality.

She is accelerating your creation and brings a totally new order to your life.

I can go months, years, or eons ahead of time and bring your creation to you here and now.

The energy is integrated into different parts of your energy body and the DNA of your soul into your spinal column.

You are aligned with the path to the manifestation of this energy.

Acceleration of Time, my second basic talent is serving the times we are now.

Its purpose is to help you to manifest your Heaven on Earth Faster.

When I accelerate time for your creation, I bring all the energy that is ready to find expression. It's a powerful boost but it's kind because you will experience what you are ready to experience of your power and your Light. I align you with it, therefore you will walk the path to its manifestation.

In alliance with the Divine Mother and my teacher Babaji.

Ultimate Tantra

Ultimate Tantra is my 3rd core quality-basic talent.

Tantra is a natural state of being in unity.

There are different levels of Tantra that we can experience:

Tantra with yourself , with a holy partner, with the Divine Mother.

Mainly this work about reconnecting women with their Divine Feminine, as this competence serves this reason the sovereignty of the Divine Mother on Earth, and the awakening of the Divine Feminine in women. 

Then your Earthly experience , your foundation of life on Earth, becomes an expression of this Unity.

It is a journey of embodiment. I stabilize the connections between your Soul/Light/Heaven and the earth with different lotus. 

Many times the are things in between, like stories, traumas and etc. Everything comes to the surface so you can walk the path of embodiment of your Divine Feminine Self. 

The Fountain of Youth


My 4th core competence/skill or basic knowledge, which is summed up in the name

"The Fountain of Youth".

In alliance with Sathya Sai Baba, who held the keys for me until I returned and together we unlocked the door.

The Fountain of Youth, certainly serves the times we are in now.

I must say that I am still exploring this level and the various aspects of this knowledge, but what I can say for sure is that what I am about to give you works on 2 levels:

1) reversing the aging process

2) rejuvenating all the processes of the human body which means:

-adrenal glands

-vital organs

-hormonal system

-nervous system

-meridian lines



All oxygen levels are rejuvenated.

It is as if your body becomes a fresh source of light and youthful energy.

The energy also works in filling wounds, surgical wounds and other types of scars on the body. Also facial lines and collagen levels in the skin.

The fountain of youth has a general quality and it is to reverse the aging process, bring balance within and enhance the restorative processes of the human body. However, there are different levels within this level:

1)white diamond level which is responsible for the hormonal system, bring a new balance and harmony. They go through every gland level in the human body and bring a new relationship in the glands and and an overall new flow.

2)Rubies are responsible for regenerating vitality in human blood, so they work on blood vitality and blood circulation in veins.

3)Emeralds work energetically for oxygen levels, lungs and digestive system.

4) Blue sapphire and black diamond work for the nervous system, hypothalamus, neurons and all their connections through the spinal cord, as well as the brain.

There are different sources of youth within the source. And the energy is very elegant and fresh.

For everyone will work different as everyone is different and the needs of his body. All the process is guided.


Onara Tracy Cheung - Macau

“My experience of Sacred Heart is, the ability to went through sorrows, and radiance the Deepest Love and Compassion.” During the session, I hear/feel a very gentle presence of Mother Mary with white light. Alinea saw a Black Lotus at my heart opening her petals and connecting to the Divine Mother. After we went offline, I suddenly felt I am being soothe by the Divine Mother strongly. I started to cry like a child for at least an hour, and the soothing was there with me the whole time. After a few days of the session, my heart feels much lighter, softer and much more powerful then before. I can feel my compassion, which is a very beautiful feeling hanging out with me. And I can feel my heart is supporting me when I need it. My experience of Sacred Heart is the ability to went through sorrows, and radiance the deepest Love and Compassion. Although my emotion still go up and down, but I am not afraid anymore, my heart and compassion is with me, I know I will always being soothe and support by my Sacred Heart and the Divine Mother. Thank you Agni, Jesus and the Divine Mother. And thank you so much Alinea, for being here to deliver this great gift from the divine to us. This is one of the most beautiful experience I ever have.

Kaylee Mir - Taiwan

"This was one of the most magical and wonderful experience I ever had. It was an unexpected post shared by someone who I had recently followed. I had no idea how exceptional this present was when I applied for it immediately. It was quite unusual for me since I’m normally indecisive. (Also, I had learned English out of interests or for other reasons for years, but this was one of the few times I was so glad that I can speak English. I saw big angel wings hazily at the beginning. In the process, I didn’t get any information, but I could feel the energy flowing upwards inside me. The energy was strong, so I couldn’t help but frown. After the initiation, I could still feel the energy working and a little dizzy as well. Not until Alinea told me what she saw did I cry. After I hung up for a while, I felt a huge warmth around my uterus. I couldn’t even stand up. What I could do was kneeling on the bathroom floor and crying out of control. The only voice in my head was”Why? Why? Why?... Why do you take my love for myself away from me?”

It was such a relief to face the wounds hidden for so long. I wiped out the past with almost an hour of tears. Never had I recognized how painful it was to be apart from my own love.This was the first time someone connected to my heaven and helped me to reconnect to it. How fulfilled I feel to connect to my heaven while meditating. Energy downloads like waves. Time passes so fast like it doesn’t exist. And I become so hungry after every meditation. In the following days, I meditated and felt the parts which weren’t related to the real me left, like the rocks cracked into small pieces and rolled off the edge. The state of meditation is different from it used to be. It used to be so peaceful. Now, there are a lot of adjustments in energies. I even smelt the flower and met the tree of souls during the meditations. (Quite a surprise! ) I also discover the difference in the daily practice of cleansing energy. I’m able to do it better. This is a great gift with many surprises followed. Thank you so much for your love, dear Alinea. Thank you for leading me to the new chapter of my life. From that day on, I’ve found that I laugh more than before.
My spiritual name is Kaylee Mir. It means to spread joy and peace. I can heal myself, others and beloved Mother Earth through laughter. Because of your sacred love for yourself, I found mine. It brings me joy from the inside. Now, I’m on the path to live out my true qualities. Thank you again for your selfless help! It truly brightens my way!

Stalo Mavrada - Cyprus

Today i received the initiation of the sacred heart from my dearest friend Alinea Smaragda. It was such a beautiful experience that stayed with me as an image and feeling to guide me. I intensely felt the energy waves to my heart level where it helped me to release and open up. A beautiful rose showed up and its colour was more and more vivid as waves kept coming. Jesus presence with a female companion was very intense as well. The first time i experienced that. Such a loving, soft dance around me ... i am still in it. My head cleared, my heart opened, my focus was inside. Answer to a big question i carried lately just showed up so effortlessly.
Thank you Alinea for offering this beautiful gift to me with so much love. Thank you for being here

Christina Kallitsounaki - Greece

Yesterday I received a beautiful present from my dear friend and therapist Alinea Smaragda. We are friends the last 20 years and although now she lives and she has a Lightcenter in Turkey, these days I feel so close to her . I feel so much admiration for her and her offering to people during these difficult times...
She offered me "the Sacred heart'' and since that moment I feel the joy of an innocent child and a kind of liberation from resistanses! Warmth filled my heart and all over my body, reminding me that there is so much Beauty and Joy in being born a Woman.Thank you! I am thankful dear Alinea! It was so good witnessing the joy and this warmth growing in my heart ...She is so special and so devoted at what she does.

Salana Arvande - Greece

The energy was very sweet and strangely familiar ... slowly a situation was coming to the surface, joy and strength like a silver shield across the chest. In the end the joy took the reins !!! As if the most delicious red wine had been opened and I had drunk it at once !! Deep love ... for everything and everyone ... In the next few hours and days, the joy was followed by trust ...Confidence that everything is fine ...feeling stronger than the facts ..Alinea Smaragda thank you for the gift "sacred heart"

Perilla - England

Sacred Heart worked with great precision and soft power in resetting the connections in my system to their original setting, going over timelines. It feels like the reset button, yet without 'hit the reset' , but rather flowy and permeating, liquid like.

Old stories, mended and fixed connections that ''did the job'', the fixes on top of are as per the initial perfection and design. The past does not matter no more. Only now I realise how much of my energy was drained to keep those fixes going. Hello new levels of inner peace, joy and creativity!

SouRa - Thessaloniki/ Greece

Ultimate Tantra was the embodiment of the Divine Feminine for me, a connection between heaven and earth, through a sensation of melting into my own existence with complete surrender. It was like I could just be!

Every pain, every torture my soul had gone through led to this moment, with a sense that it doesn’t have to be like this any more…I don’t even remember the pain, all I feel is joy and peace by embodying my divine feminity without any effort. There is lightness and tenderness into everything I experience in my everyday life…

Alinea is a shining light, supporting this embodiment with love and insightful guidance»

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