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My gift as a Light-Center Leader

I open the space for the new

Back on June 2018, i was in france, in Amrithaba, for the Light - Center Leaders Training. We were 20 people from all over the globe. During this training Agni gave to each one of us a personal tehnique, unique in the world.

My tehnique and my gift, is to open the space for the new.

This tehnique is for those who are stuck in the past but not only, in my experience it works also for those who just need a new opening in their life.

You feel comfortable in the old, because you feel insecure for the future, this is why you keep the old ways, but where does this take you really?

This tehnique can be applied also via skype.  Feel free to contact me

The energy exchange is : 120 euro.

La Mar Zolotas

Agronomist - Acc Consultant

I just took it! A light space opened in front of me absorbing dark spots from my aura and transformed them to new knowledge for my soul. Then i saw my path lightful and clear. A big expansion for my heart took place where i can follow my path more consiouss. A great gift from Alinea and for Turkey. Thank you Alinea

Karin Margarita Souvatzoglou

Acc Conultant - Herbal Shop Owner

I received this tehnique from Alinea and in the beginning i felt something big and solid that was blocking my perception leaving from my 3rd eye, and afterwards i experienced a big expansion in my heart chakra and in my whole aura.

Nothing is going to change your world,

until you really want to...

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