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Find the Lover Within

Updated: Feb 8

Instead of searching a lover, seek the lover within yourself.

Learn to love you in a way, that all the contradictions inside you meet in peace and

reflect the many faces of your beautiful individuality, your unique essence .

Do whatever you can to discover and awaken your passion and make it a fuel that will provide daily your life and will support the truth of your own light on Earth.

Embrace every possibility life reveals to you with a tender honest heart, and live without fear for what will come or what will go.

This way life will not consume you, instead, you will drink it like sweet wine.

Lovers may come, lovers may go.

Keep the place you stand unattached, solid and transparent.

A man who will truly love you, will never demand from you to leave this place. Instead he will loose himself in you willingly because his love for you has awaken deeply his soul.


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