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Freaks of artificial beauty

Artwork Ingrid Knecht

In a capitalistic world who is obsessed with artificial beauty how can you love yourself and live the essense of your beauty?

I will give you a different definition about beauty: What if beauty as we perseive it is not a happily suffocating doll in layers of make up, smelling sexy and brand clothing dressing up her perfect body?

Every woman has her own personal stories that goes long before this time and space. And this is a fact. We were born whole in heaven but we walked shuttered in earth for lifetimes now forgotten. There is a story of brokenness in women's hearts. Therefore our stories repeat themselves and while we try to create a beautiful world, our inner broken world, pulls us back.

Outter beauty and inner beauty are two different things, because the first one you can achieve it artificially but the second one requires courage.Why? Because the real beauty many times is covered under layers of shadows. Are you willing to look there? Or you will keep whearing these pink glasses?

The most beautiful women I know are those that with shattered hearts who dared to look in the shadows of their lilith and from a place of brokenness healed their hearts, bringing together piece after piece back to wholeness. These women are going to change the world and they will heal other women.

I know it, I see it.


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