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Reborn from your own bowels

I see around me extraordinary, special women, very good in what they do, beautiful and powerful. It is very nice if we can recognize each other at these times where everything is supporting the expansion, transformation, unity, freedom and personal expression.

A new Earth is born out of its own bowels and each one of us have to play our part in it. Why? Because as divine vesseles and mediators, through our own bowels, this new Light is lactating.

Instead of finding titles that will divide us, lets find visions that will bring us together and bring a new change in today's societies. And if again there are no common goals to unite us let us unite in the name of feminine Fire that burns within us.

Shakti is her name.

That's why we should heal and set free the woman inside us. That's why we should make the steps and what is needed. That's why we should embrace all the steps through this process with unsakable faith ant trust to the grace of the Divine. Open the space for it. Remove the poisons from within to find acceptance and unity within your own womb.

When your bowels have finally found forgiveness by your own will, every womb and every woman will vibrate within you in the unity of the Great Mother.

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